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The untouched beauty of Bosa, Sardinia  
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  The Vineyard

Our vineyard is just outside the historic town of Bosa on the north west coast of Sardinia, we have 1300 square metres of land partly set to vines although we do also have Olives, Orange, Mandarin, Fig, Lemon, Kaki, Pear, Apple, Walnut, Cherry and Hazelnut trees.

We have several varieties of vines the predominant one being Malvasia. In this zone, only around the Bosa area, this is the most prized grape variety as it makes the famous Malvasia di Bosa wine. This wine can command a price of up to €20 per litre and more in the case of exceptional vintages. Another variety seen less and less around here nowadays is the Zirone or Giro. When grown in the Bosa area this grape makes a strong almost Port like wine, however there is so little grown here now that the only way you will taste it is if you can find a small grower who has made his own wine.

We also grow Vermentino, Moscato and Canonnau grape varieties.Our vineyard is set on a hillside that, at some time in the past, was all terraced and set to vines, however over the years the hillside has almost all gone back to pine wood with the exception of our terraces as successive owners have abandoned their vineyards in favour of an easier way of making a living.

We have seen, while we have been here, how the older vineyards are being abandoned and with it the methods of working that were once universal on the island, the people we have found to advise and instruct us are all of the older generation and with the younger Sardinians wanting better paid jobs, involving less back breaking work, the future of small vineyards here is not certain. We hope, in our small part, to maintain and somewhat revive our small piece of Sardinia and make this vineyard an example of viniculture of the island.