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  Vines update


There is still work to be done in the vineyard. The new growth must be taken out and the grapes must be cleared of foliage to allow air to circulate, if allowed to be enclosed the grapes are susceptible to "muffa" (mould). And of course the grass needs to be kept down between the rows so out comes the decaspugliatore (strimmer) once again. Each evening now it is important to walk the vines and check the grapes to watch for any possible problems with pests or disease.

The Figs, are also starting to ripen along with the pears and walnuts and this year we have lots of Cachi fruit coming on the trees. The nice part is when the work is done, we can sit on the terrace in the warm evening air, watching an amazing sunset each evening. Miss the UK? Naagh!





August started cooler than expected but the Italian tourists arrived as usual like a manic swarm of locusts, staking their claims on the beaches and filling the restaurants, roads and towns.A summer storm brought some much needed rain which has helped the grapes swell. Most of the hard work on the vines is now finished so just some clearing and tidying to do.

As you can see I have been hard at it!

No evening trips to the beach for a swim in August,you would need to fight your way through the tourist camps to get to the sea. The Italians take the beach very seriously, it is necessary to take all the tables, chairs, cool boxes, cooking rings etc as you would need at least one good pasta meal during the day. The green figs are coming ripe now. Anyone who has tasted figs fresh from the tree will know what I mean when I say I cannot stop eating them. I am not a big fruit eater generally but the taste of these figs is addictive. I do not know if they are fattening but guessing by how nice they taste I think they MUST be.





September was as expected, warm and sunny and the grapes were swelling heading towards ripeness. The work on the vines is less intensive in this month and as most of the tourists have headed home, it is our opportunity to make the most of living in one of the most beautiful spots in the Mediterranean. But there is always work to do, taking out the unwanted new growth from the vines to concentrate the goodness into the fruit.

However, September had a surprise in store, in the last week a freak storm brought us 2 hours of almost tropical downpour. Potentially disastrous for the now almost ready grapes. It was certainly disastrous for my poor boat, along with lots of others, it was swamped by the amount of rain and headed straight for the bottom





October started dull but warm for the first week then turned to wonderful sunshine and this was set to continue right through the month. The moment had come, all around the vineyards were full of noise as people started the Vendemmia. The first grape we harvest is the much prized Malvasia.  On the day the sun is covered with cloud so a perfect day, still hot but not unbearable. Lets get picking. About 2 weeks later we are back at it again for the red grapes. But it is not all hard work, every vendemmia brings a festa to follow

There is always mountains of wonderful food and great local wine and if your good friend happens to be Angelino, who owns one of the best restaurants in the area, you are in for a treat.

The local speciality of "maialetto" suckling pig is unbelievable.