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The untouched beauty of Bosa, Sardinia  
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  Our Produce

our Wine

This is what the locals call “Vino genuino” (Genuine Wine) or “Vino di uve” (wine from grapes).  The second phrase gives the real meaning - there is literally nothing else in it but grapes. The fermentation comes from the natural yeasts found on the grape skins and nothing is added to clear or preserve the wine. This means the wine varies in taste and strength from one year to the next but always has a good depth of flavours. The other added bonus of no added chemicals is even if you polish off the bottle there is no headache the next morning! 

White wine - mostly Vermentino grapes. Fresh, fruity easy drinking

Rose - Mixed grapes including cannonau, pasqual, Monica. Light and refreshing

Red - or as the locals call it Black - Mixed grapes including cannonau, pasqual, Monica. Ruby coloured and with fruit flavours

Malvasia di Bosa - highly prized medium sweet white wine high in alcohol and packed with flavour, found only in the Bosa area.

Depending on the harvest and production and availability all types are always available.


Our olive oil

Produced from our 30 or so olive trees and pressed locally, the oil is light green in colour with a good depth of flavour and a peppery bite. Ideal for salad or just drizzled over fresh bread with a sprinkle of salt. Wonderful


Our Beer

We produce beer in the traditional way using the best ingrediaents we can source. All beer is bottle conditioned. We produce. Lagers, Light ales, Bitter and stout.